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For trademarks we provide the following:

  • Trademark search and registration
  • Trademark clearance searches
  • Office action responses
  • Statement of use filings
  • Trademark monitoring
  • Trademark assignments
  • Trademark renewal filings
  • Trademark infringement
  • Trademark enforcement

Do you own a business or thinking about starting one? If so, you will more than likely do the following:

  • Register your business with your secretary of state
  • Set up a business profile on social media with your business name and logo
  • Create a google page
  • Buy a domain name
  • Among other things to promote your business.

More than likely you believe with doing this you own the brand to your business, right?


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  • Make sure that you own your big ideas for decades and beyond
  • Protect your brand for the next generation or the next investor/buyer
  • Help bring an asset to your business and add value
  • Protect you from lawsuit of someone using the same brand*
  • Provide you with the ability to enforce your brand (flexing on the next person trying to steal your brand)
  • Allow you to use ® once your mark is registered


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What is included in this package?

  • 15 minute discovery call with a member from the S. Miller Law Firm
  • Comprehensive U.S. trademark search and Comprehensive opinion letter for (1) trademark
  • 20 minute preparation of U.S. Trademark application filing
  • Filing of your trademark application with USPTO, filed by Attorney Miller-Brewer
  • If applicable, respond to Office Actions from the USPTO regarding your mark if they are non-substantive (Substantive office actions are a different service provided)
  • Trademark registration gift from the S. Miller Law Firm
  • Monitoring your Trademark Application (only until registered) and provide you with status updates
  • Trademark registration certificate framed from USPTO once the mark is published and approved
  • If you file and intent to use application; we will prepare the statement of use and any extension request needed.*

*additional fees may apply

** additional fees may apply for additional marks and classifications

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What is included in this package?

  • Everything in the basic package
  • Legal advice, strategy, and answers to trademark questions and post trademark use
  • Business Strategy Session (up to 1-hour)
  • Cease and Desist letter template
  • Trademark watch services for 3 months after registration.

*additional fees may apply

** additional fees may apply for additional marks and classifications

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What is the process?


  • Call The S. Miller Law Firm or send us an email
  • Your time is valuable, and we want to make sure we make the most out of it. Schedule a discovery call with one of our team members and see if you are the right fit for moving forward.
  • Begin the process
  • You will sign your contract, pay the invoice, complete the trademark questionnaire, set up your online portal with our system and provide us with the requested forms.
  • Let the search begin
  • We will then conduct a comprehensive trademark search and provide you with a comprehensive opinion letter of the results.
  • Let your Brand’s legacy begin
  • Provide a 20 minute discussion call regarding trademark search results. After the call we will then move forward with filing your trademark with the USPTO.
  • After filing it will take between 8 months to 1 year before your mark is registered.


Trademark Search:

Not everyone needs an attorney to file their trademark and we understand that, however, almost everyone needs help with a comprehensive search. This process can be overwhelming with so many results. No worries, we will complete (1) a full comprehensive search (2) provide you a copy of the search report; (3) provide an opinion letter form Attorney Shakila Miller-Brewer herself; and (4) provide a 15 minute call to discuss the results.

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Cease and Desist Letter:

Is someone possibly infringing upon your work and attempting to flex on the brand that your created? Send a cease and desist letter now. This letter is sent to your infringers to put them on notice of their unauthorized use. It provides you proof that you put the infringer on notice prior to filing a law suit against the infringer. Attorney Shakila Miller-Brewer will draft the cease and desist letter for you and send it on your behalf.

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Response to Office Actions:

Have you or someone else filed a trademark for you and you received what is called an office action? Don’t know what to do now? Look no further, the S. Miller Law Firm can help properly respond to your office action and communicate with the USPTO on your behalf. If you do not respond in the time frame than your mark will be considered abandoned. Once we get a response filed you will be closer to becoming legally protected.

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Trademark Renewal:

Did you get your Trademark registered and its time to update the USPTO? S. Miller Law Firm can assist in helping renew your trademark. If you do not renew your trademark, it will become abandoned and someone can come in and still your brand that you worked hard to build. We will draft your renewal application and file all relevant documents to keep you trademark registered.

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