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Please provide information about your proposed trademark(s) and the current and/or future goods/services.

What trademark(s) do you wish to protect? For word marks, enter in ALL CAPS (regardless of how it's actually used). For stylized (logo) marks, enter the text elements in the mark, if applicable.
What are the current goods/services offered under the trademark(s)? Using single words or phrases, please state what you currently offer. Please refrain from copy-pasting verbiage from marketing literature or marketing-type language or descriptions. As much as possible, use common dictionary name for products or services (EX: clothing, cosmetics, restaurant, IT services, fitness instruction, etc.), but provide as much information as possible.
What are the future goods/services offered under the trademark(s)? Include only offerings you plan to launch within the next 12-24 month timeframe.
Is the trademark currently being used? If yes, for each trademark and good/service, please provide two dates: (1) date of first use in trade; and (2) date of first use in commerce.

“Date of first use in trade” means the date of the mark’s first use anywhere. “Date of first use in commerce” means the date of the mark’s first use of the mark in interstate commerce. “Interstate commerce” means any commerce that Congress can regulate, such as: interstate commerce, commerce involving U.S. Territories, commerce with other countries, or territorial commerce in Washington, D.C. or with Indian tribal reservations/nations.

It is a very broad definition and includes selling to customers who cross state lines (such as out-of-state visitors to a local establishment) and shipments across state lines are considered interstate commerce. Commerce that is entirely local within one state or locality within a state is not interstate commerce.

The two dates can be the same, or, if a business was entirely local at first and then expanded to interstate, they could be two different dates.
If your trademark is currently in use, where can we find evidence of your trademark use? Please provide website links below. You may also upload evidence of trademark use below.
Anything else you want us to know?

** Please note that additional fees may be incurred or be applied if you have additional classifications and/or trademarks. Additional fees may also apply if it is an intent to use application.

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